Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Evgeniy Didyk, a master of jazzy trumpet

Evgeniy Didyk is a trumpet player with extensive experience, diverse musical interests and a solid artistic background. He is originally from Moldova, where he studied at the Chisinau musical conservatory, having graduated from a class of jazz and classical trumpet.
He went on to the professional stage early, starting to play in Kuibul musical group. In 1999 he joined famous on post-Soviet and international stage musical group Zdob si Zdub, contributing to the songs “Maria Blues” and “You left me”. Later in 1999 - 2000 he toured with the group.
In 2001 he participated in the musical album published by Zdob si Zdub, contributing to recordings of the trumpet play in the cover of the song well-known to every person on post-Soviet territory - “Having seen the night” («Видели ночь») by Kino, which appeared on “Agroromantica” album by Zdob si Zdub.
Later on he participated in concerts with various Ukrainian popular musicians, including Ruslana and Free National Band. He took part in the recording of Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” album (Eurovision song contest winner in 2005). In 2006 he recorded songs “Gare de Guer” and “Kazatchok” with the French group Red Cardell for their album “Naitre”. In the same year he also participated in the recording of one of the most interesting on the independent musical stage albums by Bacя Club - “Konokrad” (“The horse thief”), created in style of Ukrainian folk city chanson. He also closely collaborated with Ukrainian folk pop group Sontsekliosh, working on songs “Don’t cry Olena” and “Na potochku”.
From 2004 to 2010 Eugene participated in the Haydamaky musical group, working on their albums “Perverziya” (EMI, 2005), “Ukraine Calling” (Eastblock, 2005), Kobzar (EMI, 2008) and “Voo Voo i Haydamaky” (Agura, Poland, 2009). The last one receiving a platinum disk in Poland and collaborating with Karimski Club group and a Christmas musical project of Tobasco Club - Betlejemska Nowina.
Since 2010 Eugene collaborates with Mama Diaspora musical group, having played first live concert with them in March 2010.
To find out more about Evgeniy's music and his collaboration with Mama Diaspora, please visit this link:

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