Saturday, 31 July 2010

Radio Eurasia. Videodiscoteka. Dj Derbastler

17 июня, boutiquebar Biancoro и «Радио Евразия» (в лице Кирилла Проценко и DJ Derbastler’a) провели очередное коктейльно-культурное мероприятие с видео от Гоголь Борделло, Кирилла Проценко и музыкальным сетом от DJ Derbastler-a. "Смотреть и слушать – на летней террасе «Бьянкоро» с 21:00, сопровождать слышимое и видимое клубничным Bramble от Иры Машихиной" - было очень приятно.

Yuriy Gurzhy - NOW BACK IN HIS HOMETOWN (picture published in National Geographic, © Jan Windszus )

Yuriy Gurzhy

Yuriy Gurzhy, guitariste de 34 ans, vit à Berlin depuis 14 ans. Originaire d'Ukraine, Yuriy est arrivé à Berlin en 1995. Coup de veine ! Cinq ans plus tôt, en 1990, à titre de réparations des crimes nazis, la RDA avait ouvert ses frontières aux juifs de l’Union soviétique. Un appel d’air : depuis 1991, ils sont deux cent mille à avoir pris le chemin de l’Allemagne. Berlin, qui comptait cent soixante mille juifs avant l’arrivée d’Hitler, en recenserait vingt cinq mille... Quatre fois plus qu’en 1989 !

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Evgeniy Didyk, a master of jazzy trumpet

Evgeniy Didyk is a trumpet player with extensive experience, diverse musical interests and a solid artistic background. He is originally from Moldova, where he studied at the Chisinau musical conservatory, having graduated from a class of jazz and classical trumpet.
He went on to the professional stage early, starting to play in Kuibul musical group. In 1999 he joined famous on post-Soviet and international stage musical group Zdob si Zdub, contributing to the songs “Maria Blues” and “You left me”. Later in 1999 - 2000 he toured with the group.
In 2001 he participated in the musical album published by Zdob si Zdub, contributing to recordings of the trumpet play in the cover of the song well-known to every person on post-Soviet territory - “Having seen the night” («Видели ночь») by Kino, which appeared on “Agroromantica” album by Zdob si Zdub.
Later on he participated in concerts with various Ukrainian popular musicians, including Ruslana and Free National Band. He took part in the recording of Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” album (Eurovision song contest winner in 2005). In 2006 he recorded songs “Gare de Guer” and “Kazatchok” with the French group Red Cardell for their album “Naitre”. In the same year he also participated in the recording of one of the most interesting on the independent musical stage albums by Bacя Club - “Konokrad” (“The horse thief”), created in style of Ukrainian folk city chanson. He also closely collaborated with Ukrainian folk pop group Sontsekliosh, working on songs “Don’t cry Olena” and “Na potochku”.
From 2004 to 2010 Eugene participated in the Haydamaky musical group, working on their albums “Perverziya” (EMI, 2005), “Ukraine Calling” (Eastblock, 2005), Kobzar (EMI, 2008) and “Voo Voo i Haydamaky” (Agura, Poland, 2009). The last one receiving a platinum disk in Poland and collaborating with Karimski Club group and a Christmas musical project of Tobasco Club - Betlejemska Nowina.
Since 2010 Eugene collaborates with Mama Diaspora musical group, having played first live concert with them in March 2010.
To find out more about Evgeniy's music and his collaboration with Mama Diaspora, please visit this link:

Igor Sakach, the Rusyn heart of Mama Diaspora

Igor Sakach was born in Serbia, the province of Vojvodina, in a beautiful city of Novy Sad that lies on both sides of the Danube river. Novy Sad is also known for being the heart of Serbian culture of 19th century, being frequently called - "Serbian Athens" due to its massive influence of culture on the rest of Serbia. Spending his summers at the banks of the Lake of Ledinci in Fruška Gora and beaches Štrand in the Liman neighborhoods, near the Danube river, Igor was learning how to play accordeon at the musical school.
Later, after musical school, he started playing double bass and became a bass guitar player at the new wave band "Brojgel", which name was largely influenced by the picturesque works and the life story of Flammish 16th century painter Peter Breigel.
In 1994, Igor left Novy Sad to come to the beautiful Kyiv's banks of the river Dnipro. He was fully dedicated to learning classical music and playing double bass, becoming a student of Boguslav Soyka at the Piotr Chaykovskiy Ukrainian National Academy of Arts in Kyiv.
Since 1998, being fond of DJ'ing and electronic music, he started getting into the Kyiv's electronic music scene. He chose a pseudonim "DJ Ingvo" and started his DJ-ing career playing jazzy house, deep and funky house tracks. Later, he started collaborating with jazz musicians, including Roman Drabina (tenor saxophone) and Evgeniy Didyk (trumpet). He worked as a DJ at the "44 Club", experimenting with acid jazz grooves and from 2002 to 2006 started several projects involving Balkan music grooves, which included a collaboration on Digital Balkan with Milosh Jelich (keyboards' player from Okean Elzy) and a project "Balkan Groove System" featuring Yuliya Lord.
He also had short-term musical project with Ukrainian authentic music group Bozhychi. From 2006 to 2008 he collaborated as a keyboard player, DJ and stage producer with Stereoliza musical group. Approximately at the same time he met DJ Derbastler and since then musical experiments they had together led to creation of MAMA DIASPORA music project.
More information about Igor's musical projects can be found from here:

DJ Derbastler plays at Ukrainian Fashion Week (DJ set impressions)

СЕРЦЕ МОДИ – В ПАРИЖІПотрібно також відзначити класний саундтрек місцевого Dj Derbastler і режисуру фінального виходу моделей, в якому вони виходили натовпом, а не поодинці.

Нужно отметить и классный саундтрек киевского Dj Derbastler и режиссуру финального выхода моделей, в котором они выходили толпой, а не поодиночке...»

Пустовіт відкрила Ukrainian Fashion Week
... Потрібно відзначити й класний саундтрек київського Dj Derbastler і режисуру фінального виходу моделей, у якому вони виходили всі разом, а не поодинці...»

 Годфрі Діні (Godfrey Deeny), редактор сайту
... Я колекціоную музику з показів, хочу у свою колекцію саундтрек DJ Derbastler до показу Лілії Пустовіт.

... DJ Derbastler. Це був саундтрек з пісень сучасних українських гуртів.


Yuriy Gurzhy is undoubtedly one of the most well-known musicians of Ukrainian origin. At international level he is known as a prodigy musician whose talents excite wonder and admiration.
He came to Berlin’s musical scene in 1995 from Kharkiv, coming from independent non-commercial music environment. Since his arrival to Germany he participated in a variety of artistic musical projects in Germany and Europe. These projects included DJ-ing, playing and composing music. His creations were Russendisko, with a well-known writer and a close friend Vladimir Kaminer, in Berlin's Kaffee Burger. Russendisko parties started in 1999, steadily establishing itself from a local Berlin entertainment and becoming a successful and exotic, more to say – legendary, international event, known well behind Berlin and Germany, opening an avenue for Ukrainian and Russian music bands abroad. Gurzhy and Kaminer issued several compilations of Russendisko, which included rock bands known only locally, such as Lyapis Trubetskoy, Spitfire, Vasya Club, Mandry, VV, etc.
Recently Yuriy became more known as the leader for energetic ROTFRONT Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv, uniting musicians of five different nationalities. The group was started in 2003 by Yuriy and Simon Wahorn, initiator of the HungaroGroover Soundsystem. Their first album came out on Essay Records in 2009. The group was also declared to be the best world music act in Germany in 2009. The style of the group comprises of incredibly solid musical mix of ska-punk, reggae, hip-hop, klezmer, gypsy, ethnic Hungarian, Ukrainian, German and Russian grooves.
As a DJ and producer, he did remixes for such a well-known international acts as Amsterdam Klezmer Band. He also wrote songs for Shantel, that were recently released at Essay Recordings in 2009 and included at the Shantel’s albums "Disko Partizani" and “Planet Paprika”.
He worked on creating several musical compilations for such well-known labels as Trikont Records and Russendisko Records, being a director of the last one. For Trikont he did a compilation of "Funky Jewish Sounds from Around the World", named Shtetl Superstars. This CD is a soundtrack to musical life of modern klezmer bands in funky style of 70s. It has been created by Yuriy and a talented songwriter and the former trumpet player from Oi Va Voi music band Lemez Lovas. Currently, Yuriy and Lemez are working on an album of their own musical project "The Fabulous [Shtetl Superstars Orchestra]", which should be released fairly soon.
Yuriy does not want to define himself with any specific musical style as his background is a mixture of a variety of cultures of various countries and in variety of beautiful music selected with taste.
You can also hear and find out more about musical masterpieces created by Yuriy that are available from his myspace site -
*Photo kindly provided by Balint Meggyesi.

DJ Derbastler, a musician from the future

DJ Derbastler, aka Ivan Moskalenko, was born in Kyiv in 1972. Since 1989 he started playing music in a number of underground Kyiv bands like Elektryky, Yarn, Radiodelo and unforgettable for Kyiv’s independent music scene - Shake Hi-Fi. From 1994 to 2002, he was a part of the Foa-Hoka group, was its co-producer and a base player.
Since early 90s he got interested in DJ-ing, as he always liked sharing new musical acquisitions with his friends. He joined forces with Vitaliy Ulitsky to start Torba Entertainment and acted as its musical producer for numerious Torba parties in Kyiv, i.e. first massive rave events. As a DJ he played in clubs, open-airs, massive dance events, for auditoriums of thousands.
Later, with Kyiv’s modern artist and designer Kirill Protsenko, he started a media project Radio-Eurasia and participated in various festivals and events (Dream Game 2001, Kyiv International Media Art Festival 2000 and 2001, New Sound, Venice Biennale, Vienna Grand Art Academy in 2004, etc.). Later, he was a resident DJ at the Rebel Minds Gallery in Berlin. In 2003, he and Kirill Protsenko, formed an independent musical label - Thermos Records, where they published a compilation - “Music for space lorry drivers”.
He produced and mixed compilations for SALE records (with Danilkin), CTS (“Beautitude lounge”). He also made musical compilations for Lilia Poustovit's designer fashion shows, mastered specifically for the Ukrainian Fashion Week and its events.
Derbastler is undoubtedly a very talented musician, DJ and musical producer, who collaborated with various musicians in Kyiv and abroad. This includes his collaborations with Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello and Yuriy Gurzhy of RotFront. But, most recently, he is known for his work with MAMA DIASPORA and their recently published EP “MAMA DIASPORA feat. Yuriy GURZHY”.
More information on the music produced by DJ Derbastler can be found here: .