Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Igor Sakach, the Rusyn heart of Mama Diaspora

Igor Sakach was born in Serbia, the province of Vojvodina, in a beautiful city of Novy Sad that lies on both sides of the Danube river. Novy Sad is also known for being the heart of Serbian culture of 19th century, being frequently called - "Serbian Athens" due to its massive influence of culture on the rest of Serbia. Spending his summers at the banks of the Lake of Ledinci in Fruška Gora and beaches Štrand in the Liman neighborhoods, near the Danube river, Igor was learning how to play accordeon at the musical school.
Later, after musical school, he started playing double bass and became a bass guitar player at the new wave band "Brojgel", which name was largely influenced by the picturesque works and the life story of Flammish 16th century painter Peter Breigel.
In 1994, Igor left Novy Sad to come to the beautiful Kyiv's banks of the river Dnipro. He was fully dedicated to learning classical music and playing double bass, becoming a student of Boguslav Soyka at the Piotr Chaykovskiy Ukrainian National Academy of Arts in Kyiv.
Since 1998, being fond of DJ'ing and electronic music, he started getting into the Kyiv's electronic music scene. He chose a pseudonim "DJ Ingvo" and started his DJ-ing career playing jazzy house, deep and funky house tracks. Later, he started collaborating with jazz musicians, including Roman Drabina (tenor saxophone) and Evgeniy Didyk (trumpet). He worked as a DJ at the "44 Club", experimenting with acid jazz grooves and from 2002 to 2006 started several projects involving Balkan music grooves, which included a collaboration on Digital Balkan with Milosh Jelich (keyboards' player from Okean Elzy) and a project "Balkan Groove System" featuring Yuliya Lord.
He also had short-term musical project with Ukrainian authentic music group Bozhychi. From 2006 to 2008 he collaborated as a keyboard player, DJ and stage producer with Stereoliza musical group. Approximately at the same time he met DJ Derbastler and since then musical experiments they had together led to creation of MAMA DIASPORA music project.
More information about Igor's musical projects can be found from here:

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