Friday, 30 April 2010

¿Ask Mama a question?

Dear Friends,

In view of the forthcoming opening of the web-site the indie label (YES, FINALLY THIS MOMENT IS COMING!!!), publisher of the first Mama Diaspora's EP (Mama Diaspora feat. Yuriy Gurzhy), we would like to announce a competition for Mama's dedicated fans. The title of the competition is "¿Ask Mama a question?" We would like to invite you all to put questions to the members of the Mama Diaspora and Yuriy Gurzhy on any subject of interest of yours (try to be inventive!). The best questions chosen by the group members and replies will be published on the Extra-Estrada music blog and the web-site. Members of the group - Ivan Derbastler, Igor Sakach, Zhenia Didyk and Yuriy Gurzhy will decide on the best three questions! Winners will receive a copy of a signed by the members of the group EP of Mama Diaspora feat. Yuriy Gurzhy.

Another important rule for the competition - the members of the group can also put questions to one another and the questions can be voted by you! :))

So, "¿ASK MAMA A QUESTION?" begins!!!

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