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Modern Balkan Tunes - Mama Diaspora (from

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Diversity and Long Life of Cumbia

May 26, 2012 - Posted by 

Sometimes I am asked the question “Don’t you ever get tired of cumbia week after week, day after day?” The answer is a resounding “No”. Believe it or not I do not tire. The thing about cumbia is that it’s in an ever-evolving process. Every week I encounter a whole new approach to the sounds of cumbia. Whether it be a remix of a classic from its respected country of origin or something completely new with elements of other genres or even elements I can’t pinpoint exactly the origin of. This puts all fear of nu cumbia dying to rest, for me anyway. I can’t tire of an ever-evolving sound, different tempos and crazy feats of creativity. I found for myself personally to attempt to use elements of genres I favor and mash them into the nu cumbia universe. This has been a personal challenge of mine that keeps me from feeling stale and uninterested in working on new projects. My personal sound comes from my influences of post-punk, new wave, and ambience to the likes of Eno and Bowie. Others take their own personal influences into the genre (if one can actually label it as a genre anymore).
One of the big things happening right now is the whole Andean respect. Will Eede is working on finishing up his new incredible Andean mixtape that I promise will move your soul. I can’t wait to be able to post it here but I have to respectfully wait until he’s ready. But others have tapped into this style very recently. One new to this blog in particular is Señor Griff.
... Extra-Estrada records features some of the best modern Balkan tunes. With this new one we come to the very popular sounds of Eastern European cumbia.

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